Archives and Manuscripts Finding Aids (SCRC)

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1 Description

The UNCAP codebase supports the archives and manuscripts finding aids database of the Special Collections Research Center (SCRC), the finding aids of the Black Metropolis Research Consortium (BMRC), and the finding aids of the Uncovering Chicago Archives Project (UNCAP) (which includes some SCRC finding aids). This document pertains to the first. The UNCAP codebase was developed by MarkLogic Professional Services. The XQuery API was extended by Charles Blair. The user interface and the program to create the PDF file were written by John Jung. Software to create finding aids was written by Charles Blair.

2 Location

2.1 Production

Front end: /data/web/e/scrc/findingaids/index.php
Back end: marklogic:/opt/MarkLogic/uncap/ead
Port: 8011

2.2 Test

Port: 8021

3 Creating a finding aid

This software supports the creation of archives and manuscripts finding aids according to EAD (Encoded Archival Description) version 2.0. Finding aids are created as follows in order to support the workflow in the Special Collections Research Center.

  • The eadheader, frontmatter and elements contained in archdesc except for dsc (the inventory) are created using a web form.
  • An inventory is created in MS Word, marked up using a simple markdown format, saved as a text file, then converted into XML (inv).
  • The two parts are combined and validated as EAD 2002 (ead). A PDF version of the finding aid is also created.
Front end: (SCRC has this information)
Back end: marklogic:/opt/MarkLogic/uncap/ead/ead.xqy
Front end: /data/web/ead/2002/inv
Back end: /data/web/bus/EAD/2002/clean.sed; /data/web/bus/EAD/2002/inv.sed; /data/web/bus/EAD/2002/eadinv.lisp; 
Front end: /data/web/ead/2002/ead
Back end: /data/web/bus/EAD/2002/PDF/createinventorytable.php

4 Loading data

A completed finding aid is loaded into the database. Updates are handled by reloading an edited version of the finding aid. The eadid element is used to identify finding aids uniquely in the database: an updated finding aid with the same eadid element as a previous finding aid will overwrite it.

Front end: (SCRC has this information)
Back end: uncap/admin/document-update.xqy

SCRC finding aids also for UNCAP include the following:


5 Retrieving data

Front end: /data/web/e/scrc/findingaids/index.php
Back end: marklogic:/opt/MarkLogic/uncap
search.php: uncap/request.xqy
browse.php: uncap/admin/gimme.xqy; uncap/admin/gimmeDigitalEADIDs.xqy
digitized.php: uncap/admin/gimmeDigitalEADIDs.xqy
topics.php: uncap/ead/topics.xqy
view.php: uncap/request.xqy
count.xqy: uncap/admin/count.xwqy (
countwhatsinSCRC.xqy (curl

Author: Charles Blair (chas)

Date: 2015-09-25

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